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I am a luxury travel advisor and I am at your service. I live in the beautiful state of Connecticut with my adventure partner husband, Daniel, our three cats and two dogs. I was bitten by the travel bug at a young age when my parents introduced me to backpacking and skiing adventures and my curiosity and desire to see the world grew from there. I always have a list of places I want to go and I am working hard to check them off. Planning journeys and adventures is something I am passionate about because there is always something amazing to learn. European capitals full of history and culture, magical island getaways or a life-long dream of seeing the wonder and awe of Mt. Everest, I love to make it happen! 

Planning and research is in my blood. I truly believe that the planning is part of the trip! I almost can't believe that some people don't like that part of travel! I love searching for just the right options and adding in all the components that will make the trip special. The time I spend planning helps me learn about my destination and get excited for  the adventure to come. 

I also love to take care of people. Whether in my home for a cozy dinner, a girls weekend or a group ski trip; I love making sure that accommodations, food and activities are to everyone's liking. 

Every time I travel, I learn.

I learn about the world, the people I meet, history, culture, and I learn about myself.

I have been planning travel for years, including 20 years of corporate meeting planning and serving as event planner for a non-profit organization. I still love to read travel blogs, magazines and books about travel. I make it a point to devote a large portion my time to continuing to learn all there is about the luxury travel industry, trends in travel and tourism, and all the amazing locations we can visit. I consider myself wildly lucky to be able to combine my passions in such a special way to take care of you! Whatever your travel dreams are, I’m here to help them come true!

Thank you!