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Planning Travels
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As a first step, I want to get to know you! I want to know about your past travel experiences; what you loved and what you didn't. I'll take lots of notes as I learn about you, your travel companions, your travel style and your vision for a perfect trip.


After we talk, I get to work with my partners around the world to create a plan for the trip that you are dreaming of. I'll use all the resources at hand, along with my knowledge and experience to create your itinerary. 
Then, we'll work together to put everything in the perfect order and add all the perfect details. More free time? A wine tasting? A personal guided tour? You dream it, I'll include it.

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Travel Polaroids


Once you are satisfied with the itinerary, I will make all the reservations and provide you information on payment schedule, cancellation policies, visa/entry requirements,
and other essentials. 
You go! Live your travel dream! Don't worry - I am behind the scenes the whole time, making sure things run smoothly and securing some surprises and treats for you along the way. I am always here if there are any snags, questions or...if you want to send me an amazing photo from the road!


Once you are home, I want to hear all about it! We'll chat about how it all went, what you loved, what you'd change and any thoughts and ideas you have. We'll use this information to start planning your next travel dream - I know you're already thinking about it!

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